Auto Attendant IP Phone Service for Your Business

Looking for a way to save thousands on your business phone systems while maximizing your employee resources? Our intelligent IVR auto attendant is one of the most economical ways to manage your business calls while utilizing resources most efficiently; all while lending your business a professional edge once reserved for larger businesses.

What is Auto Attendant IP Phone Service?

Auto attendant phone system works like a virtual receptionist that can answer all incoming calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a professionally recorded greeting and a menu of options.

We understand that hiring manpower can be expensive. Our customized auto-attendant phone applications are engineered to let your business phone systems do more, with less.

Benefits of Auto Attendant Phone Systems

Inteligy’s virtual auto attendant business systems let you save thousands while helping to enhance your business professional image. Our advanced digital auto attendant services can route calls to VoIP virtual phones, mobile phones, voicemail or other answering systems, IVRs, or other locations using traditional land-line phones.

By installing an integrated virtual auto attendant to your business phone systems, your callers can choose from extension, dial by name or a list of customized options. Based on a caller’s input, our IVR auto attendant can:

Auto attendant VoIP (or Voice over IP) pbx phone service offers advanced features like call screening, call routing, custom hold messages and e-faxing services, to name a few. Calls can be transferred live or to voice mail; routed across the office or across the country to any of your enabled distributed enterprises.

At Inteligy, we understand the costs associated with technology for your business – you don’t want to make major investments every time an upgrade is needed. No matter which business phone solutions you choose, we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your changing needs, and then size it to fit your unique requirements.

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