Streamline Communications with Conference Call Management Systems

When managing your business phone systems across distributed enterprises unifying communications becomes more important than ever. Bringing together your team with advanced our advanced conference manager is a great way to streamline communications while saving on the costs associated with land-line calling.

Conference Call Management

Our powerful TeleVantage conference manager automates conference calling, saving the time and IT hassles that inevitably arise when manually arranging a conference call. TeleVantage can automatically place invitation calls to a list of people and add them to the conference. When they call in, callers are professionally greeted and routed to the conference bridge of their choice, or automatically added to a specific call based on the number dialed.

IP Conferencing Call Manager

Our virtual conference rooms let you conduct simultaneous conference calls over your internet connection. This allows for an unlimited number of conference rooms; limited only by your hardware configuration. Any PC that has a TeleVantage Client can support the TeleVantage conference manager, allowing your administrators to manage conference rooms from anywhere on the network.

Converged Conference Call Manager

The TeleVantage conference manager is designed to integrate seamlessly with your TeleVantage business phone system. The conference manager allows you to view and mange calls in the TeleVantage call monitor and keep track of call attendees. TeleVantage Conference Manager provides sophisticated, high-quality conference calls that increase communication and enhance your business’ image and productivity.


These are just a few of the features available with the TeleVantage conference call manager:

Enhanced Call Management

Advanced Unified Communications

Make the most if your interconnected VoIP business phone system with advanced features like our conference manager. We�re here to help you leverage your equipment and operations for maximum ROI and improved communications. We provide ongoing maintenance and support for our business phone solutions, meaning you don’t need a dedicated phone tech team to give your company the same benefits as your bigger-budget competitors.

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