Advanced Call Center Performance Management

Gone are the days of traditional call centers, row upon row of outsourced employees making and answering phone calls all day.

The call center solutions of today utilize VoIP technology to unify and streamline communications, no matter where your employees are located.

Today’s contact centers meet clients and colleagues where it’s most convenient for them. Whether that means implementing chat functionality or creating custom virtual voicemail applications, contact center solutions by Inteligy leverage your business phone systems for maximum efficiency. These cost cutting measures have tangible ROI, evident in more streamlined operations and reduced staffing needs.

Virtual Call Center Solutions

Whether your representatives operate from a home office, or you’ve got virtual call centers across distributed enterprises, our advanced call center solution lets administrators conveniently and efficiently manage calls to make the most of your business phone systems. With the click of a button, our VoIP call management solution allows your administrators to:

Hosted Call Center Solutions

Hosting your business phone solutions with us means you can focus your time and money on the core of your business, while we handle your IP phone technology. Server consolidation helps companies eliminate underused hardware and related expenses. Our hosted contact center solutions give you full, visual control over all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Best of all, our hosted call center solutions mean your business is protected, even in the event of an equipment failure or power outage.

With best hosted phone systems by Inteligy, your multi-line phone systems can still operate, even when your equipment doesn’t. We utilize our Voice Resilience system to automatically back up your phone systems with our rock solid, industrial-strength business phone application. Should you suffer a failure of your main phone system, your calls can be automatically routed to designated backup telephones within seconds, requiring no user intervention.

Even if your buildings are closed down, you can still make, receive and manage calls. You can even route calls to the sites containing your computing disaster recovery equipment in order to integrate a comprehensive continuity solution for your entire business.

Call Center Solutions for the Home Office

Home office call center solutions are one of the most effective methods at reducing operating costs while improving communications. With our home office solutions, your contact center employees can work from home, remote offices or anywhere else with an internet connection.

Concerned about home-based employees slacking off? Don’t be. Because home agents appear transparently to our advanced workforce management software, they are as accountable as office employees. With the freedom to manage your administrators remotely, you’re afforded the call center capacity you need, while retaining the ability to recruit and deploy agents as needed; without paying for the costs associated with traditional call centers, like office space and utilities.

Call Center Solutions for Small Businesses

If you rent office space for your small business, you can equip your team with the best VoIP phone systems for maximum efficiency. Our small business phone solutions can help: enhance your corporate presence, improve the customer experience, realize cost efficiencies and leverage the tools to compete successfully in the marketplace. Our small business phone systems enable small-business owners to easily manage your communication needs of today, while offering the scalability to grow with your business tomorrow.

Call Center Solutions for Distributed Enterprises

Has your business expanded to multiple offices? At Inteligy, we offer phones for distributed enterprises and business phone systems that allow you to manage your communications from any equipped satellite location with ease. We offer essential applications for distributed workers including: customized premise based VoIP phone systems and remote access to business applications. With voice over internet phones and hosted VoIP solutions, managing business phones in multiple locations becomes as convenient and straightforward as managing your email.

So no matter where your business is located or how many employees you manage, unify your team and streamline your communications with call center solutions by Inteligy.

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