Telephony VoIP TeleVantage

  • Screen Pop customer information from CRM applications and databases presenting caller info to your agents faster
  • Automate outbound dialing from lists
  • Queue Chat from your websites to agents for quick response to customer needs
  • Offer chat proactively to customers browsing your websites
  • Contact customers via SMS messaging improving your ability to reach them
  • Queue email requests to agents for quicker follow-up
  • Real-Time metrics on call center performance

TeleVantage Systems for Any Size Business

Voice Over IP phone systems are really “the buzz” in the networking and telephony community. How does TeleVantage fit in? In what instances is it the best VOIP phone system choice? Let’s look at a few of the ways a TeleVantage VOIP phone system can help your business.

TeleVantage VOIP Phone Systems

  • Require no network infrastructure upgrade 
  • Provide redundant communication 
  • Can use low cost analog phones at the TeleVantage server location 
  • Work with a wide variety of IP telephony equipment 
  • Use standard H323 
  • Provide access to your VOIP phone system from remote PCs or a WEB site

TeleVantage allows you to integrate analog, digital and IP phones (local or remote) as extensions on the same phone system providing your most cost efficient implementation of VOIP.

Other TeleVantage info: 

  • TeleVantage can effectively provide VOIP via the public Internet or corporate Intranets using frame or DSL.
  • Voice calls require a minimum of about 17K of bandwidth. 
  • Heavily utilized networks will implement QOS.
  • If possible having all connected VOIP users utilizing the same ISP is beneficial. This reduces the number of routers the call traverses which results in reduced latency and better call quality.

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