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Hosted business phone systems by Inteligy eliminate the expense and complexity of premise-based phone systems – allowing you to focus on the core of your business while our team of professionals supports your business phone systems and VoIP applications.

Why choose hosted IP phone systems over a premise-based system? Cost, efficiency and dependability are the biggest reasons many small business owners choose virtual PBX phone systems over business phone systems based on-site.

Additionally, our hosted virtual PBX phone systems offer functionality previously only available to larger businesses, like integration with desktop and office software, IVR (interactive voice response), and call routing features. We offer hosted services services for any size business; whether you’re operating from a home office or managing offices across distributed enterprises.

Benefits of a Hosted Business Phone System

Cost Cutting with Professional Support – Our hosted PBX services are installed and maintained by our team of virtual PBX experts, which can save your businesses thousands by reducing up-front capital expenses and operating costs while providing streamlined integration across multiple communications applications and wwwices.

Intelligent Communications – TeleVantage’s intuitive interface allows users to manage communications as easily and conveniently as managing their email. Inteligy’s advanced business phone system allows administrators to drag and drop calls, view the status/ availability of coworkers, listen to and delete voicemails, chat with colleagues, and more.

Security and Dependability – Hosted Business Phone Systems by Inteligy provide for advanced communications and customer management with feature-rich unified communication options, all backed by the security of our Voice Resilience system which allows calls to be managed in the event of an equipment failure at your offices.

Hosted Phone Systems provide Ultimate Security

What would happen to your business if you suffered a power outage or equipment failure? Would you have to shut down operations, or be unable to serve your clients?

With hosted business phone systems by Inteligy, your office phone systems can still operate, even when your equipment doesn’t. We utilize our Voice Resilience system to automatically back up your phone systems with our rock solid, industrial-strength business phone application. Should you suffer a failure of your main phone system, your calls can be automatically routed to designated backup telephones within seconds, requiring no user intervention.

Even if your buildings are closed down, you can still make, receive and manage calls. You can even route calls to the sites containing your computing disaster recovery equipment in order to integrate a comprehensive continuity solution for your entire business.

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