Benefits of Unified Communication for Your Business

At Inteligy, unified communications are what we’re all about. Whether you operate from a home office, or you’re attempting to unify communications over distributed enterprises, we have the business phone solutions to leverage your operations by cutting costs while streamlining interactions.

Our cost-effective unified communications solutions break down barriers to communication so that people using different modes of communication, different media, and different wwwices can still communicate to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Remote Solutions

Grandstream’s UCM series is an on-site IP PBX solution that helps organizations around the world craft customized communication solutions. The UCM has many features to allow organizations reach outside of their local area network and empower the remote
users in a communications solution.

Advanced concurrent registration features, OpenVPN compatibility, streamlined smart-phone integration, and powerful extension security features can all be utilize to create a network that enables remote collaboration through the UCM IP PBX series.

What is Unified Communication?

Unified Communication is just what it sounds like! It’s the implementation of integrated real-time communication tools across multiple devices and media types. In doing so, it makes your business phone systems more efficient. So what does that mean for your business?

Unified communication systems mean more productive employees, more satisfied clients, and ultimately, more money saved. Unified communications means convenient and efficient interactions for everyone on your team, wherever they’re based. Our consistent and intuitive user interface lets you customize our intelligent database to integrate any or all of the following unified communications services to best serve your business:

Benefits of Unified Communications

It’s the oldest business axiom: time is money. Unified communications can help you save both. Why spend your time racing to the office when you can take your important business calls from the road? Why make your team guess how and where to transfer calls when our virtual database allows administrators locate and manage calls with the click of a button? Your business could save thousands in improved efficiency alone.

Unified Communications Saves Businesses Thousands

Unified communications – cost cutting benefits extend beyond maximized employee productivity. With intelligent VoIP applications like TeleVantage, we provide businesses with the ability to cut costs by allowing calls to be made over the internet. With VoIP business phone systems, outgoing calls are not be geographically located, so there is no way to assess long distance charges – allowing businesses to save thousands each year on their phone bill.

Manage calls, communicate with your team or share data across our intuitive unified communications solutions. Unified communications systems by Inteligy streamline and simplify your business phone systems to maximize ROI while improving the overall user experience.

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